Mainframe Releases a New Live Boolean Plugin for Maya

A New Boolean Plugin for Maya Offers a Nondestructive Workflow for Live Boolean Operations

The Motion Design and VFX Powerhouse, Mainframe North, released a new plugin for Autodesk Maya 2018, that lets you work with Boolean operations in a more intuitive way. Bool is a live boolean plugin that sits on top of Maya’s internal boolean tools, making working with booleans much more productive.

Power up your modeling workflow and extend Autodesk® Maya®’s boolean operations with Mainframe’s Bool

The idea behind Mainframe’s Bool is not a new one. Klaudio Ladavac’s Boolean Toolkit offered a similar suite of tools for Maya, as did Davide Alidosi’s May9.

Mainframe’s Bool plugin is a C++ plugin, making interactions with the plugin pretty fast. Bool also has some nice Maya integrations, offering an intuitive panel to work with. Coming from the makers of MASH, Maya’s motion graphics toolkit, Bool can be used along side MASH networks to help with modeling or even animation tasks.

Bool only works in Maya 2018, but does so on all platforms. Visit Mainframe for more information or to purchase a copy for round $25.00.