Tracking With Mocha Can be a Free and Fluid Thing

Mocha Product Specialist, Mary Poplin Covers the Differences Between the Shape and the Surface Tool in Mocha When Tracking

Tracking in Mocha is much more comfortable than new users would imagine. There are some concepts that you have to understand before you can learn to take advantage of Mocha’s tracking workflow. If you are using the bundled version of Moch through After Effects, the Pro version, or MochaVR, it is important to note the differences between the shape and surface tool and how they relate to tracking.

Mocha Product Specialist, Mary Poplin explains the differences in this short tips tutorial, describing the relationships between shape and surface. It’s important to know that the shape that does the tracking shows no relevance to the actual track. Just because the shape looks like it is moving or jumping around, doesn’t mean that the track is too.

Knowing this is liberating as you can freely move, add, remove shapes and just continue tracking. Plant tracking this way is excellent for working with various aspects of a shot throughout a clip while still getting a good track. Repositioning, scaling and keyframing the shape is a great way to work your way through challenging tracking situations.