Node Calculator: Now You Can Create Maya Networks with Math

Mischa Kolbe Gives a Look Into Using His Node Calculator in Maya, That Creates Nodes Simply By Writing Formulas

Creature TD at Double Negative Mischa Kolbe covers working with his Calculator tool for Autodesk Maya. Node Calculator is a Python script that lets users create Maya node networks by just writing out the math formula.

create a Maya node network by simply writing the math formula

“It might sound complicated, but if you ever have to create Maya node networks via scripting,” Kolbe says, “you probably know those endless createNode, setAttr, connectAttr commands? Yeah, that’s what this is for.” Node Calculator can turn those seemingly endless long lists of commands into a string of quickly understandable math formulas.

The Python tool supports basic math operators, conditions, length, average, dot and cross product, blend, remap and clap nodes. Kolbe added an easy way to add your very own proprietary nodes, a way to trace, and the ability to use containers.

Visit Mischa Kolbe’s page to learn more, or download Node Calculator here.