AEViewer Brings a Modern Media Browser to After Effects

Powerful AEViewer Lets You Preview, Apply, Import Projects & Media, Super Fast

Talk to a seasoned After Effects user and they will tell you that the Project Panel is grossly under-featured, with poor previews and limited ability for working with various forms of media. Now there is a new extension for After Effects that can bring browsing and interact with media into the modern age. AEViewer is a media browser for Ae that lets you preview, apply and import projects and other media.

AEViewer comes from Alex White, creator of some other favorite AE tools such as Font Manager and AutoSaver. There are some excellent features in AEVeiwer, for starters, you can create animated previews for After Effects Projects with a single click. No longer will you have to look at a file icon and think “is this the right file?”.

In fact, White’s Extension can preview a lot of formats that include Photoshop and Illustrator files, images, fonts, codecs scripts and even expressions and C4D 3D files. The After Effects viewer is characterized as “revolutionary,” and that is not a stretch. It will change how you work in After Effects and bring a severely neglected area of Ae into the modern age. Check out AEViewer’s page to learn more.