Font Manager is a New Way to Work With Animated Typefaces in Ae

If you have found it difficult to create and work with animated typefaces in After Effects, you are not alone. Shockingly, the number one application for motion design, has no real way to manage animated type face libraries. Sorry designers, you are on your own to fight with kerning, metrics, and simple alignments — All the things that matter.

Font Manager

This is likely why the fine folks at Animography set out to create a tool that can help people manage animated typefaces. They didn’t just create one, they created a great one.

Font Manager offers a brand new way to work with animated typefaces in After Effects. It gives you an easy create and write workflow, in just a few clicks. The After Effects script has a familiar feel to it. Based on the character panel, you will instantly find Font Manager intuitive.

Tools For Animated Typefaces

The script comes more than 15 must-have tools that let you work with animated typefaces easily. Likely the biggest, is being able to use kerning and metrics when stringing together individual glyphs. Font Manager Automatically analyzes and applies kerning and metrics so that  you don’t have to adjust anything manually ever again.

The After Effects script also gives you the ability for multi line and text alignment. You can also manage all your characters with one layer or manage each character individually.

Font Manager allows you to create your own animated typefaces, and can help guide your through the process. If you are not up to creating your own, the script works with Animography typefaces.

Pricing and Availability

Font Manager is for sale right now through aescripts + aeplugins and it will run you $40.00. Ideally, tools such as these should be something native within After Effects, but hey.