Convert a 2D Image to 3D With Fusion By Depth Projection

VFX Artist Chetal Gazdar Shows How You Can Create a Camera Projection With BMD Fusion by Depth Projection

Visual Effects Artist Chetal Gazdar shares another method for creating camera projections using Blackmagic Design Fusion. His method uses a depth projection technique that makes use of a depth map.

This 30-minute tutorial shows Gazdar walking through the process for how the depth projection technique works. Also covered is a method for manually creating the depth map utilized in the projection technique. Everything in the tutorial only uses native tools to Fusion.

The Projection technique has some practical value. The method can be used when converting 2D images into 3D or even stereo conversion. “It is also helpful to compositors who are not good at modeling and make some good 3D projection with their concept arts.” Chetal Gazdar mentions.