How to Create a C4D Clay or Override Material Fast

Uwe Schweer-Lambers Shows How to Make a Useful Clay Render Using Ambient Occlusion and Fresnel

Dubbed the “clay render,” a dull grey render not only looks great, but it can be a valuable tool for lighting, modeling and more. I’m sure everyone has their methods for creating a clay rendered image. A good idea would be to use overrides to quickly switch out from a fully-shaded view to a clay rendered view. Want a super-quick way?

Check out Equiloud’s (Uwe Schweer-Lambers) latest that covers how you can easily create a great-looking clay render, fast. It’s pretty simple too, “It´s just a combination of a Fresnel shader and Ambient Occlusion. ” Uwe says. The technique will work with both lights in the scene and without them. Best results come from using C4D’s Physical Renderer.