Easily Create Animation of Schools of Fish in After Effects

Creation Effects Schools Template Lets You Easily Animate 3D Schools of Fish With Underwater Effects.

Underwater scenes can be a beautiful visual, but a little barren without some movement from wandering fish. Now you can populate your oceans with realistically moving schools fish, and create 3d animations of fish in After Effects.

A template from Creation Effects lets users merely drop in an image of a single fish, and instantly creates a school of fish. The product offers a high degree of control over the movement of the schooling fish. You might already be familiar with Creation Effects Flocks, that is an easy way to add birds to a shot.

Creation Effects has built everything that you might need with the product, including adding 40 species of fish from sharks to whales to eels with both fresh and saltwater fish. There are also some pre-designed underwater scenes that include custom water effects and settings along with a 74-image library of coral, plants, and other ocean elements.

Creation Effects-Schools sells for $49.00. Click here to view more details