Colorbleed Studios’ “9 Monkeys of Shaolin” – Official Announcement Trailer

“You need to practice every day. So when the time comes, you will be ready.”

To announce the game 9 Monkeys of Shaolin we directed and produced this intro to the game’s protagonist Wei Cheng. His grandfather always taught him to prepare for battle. Unskilled, yet training daily with his grandfather’s memory. Wei, who is just a regular fisherman, charges into battle against the pirate raid to defend his own village.


Tom Hankins & Roy Nieterau

Tom Hankins
Auke van der Sloten

Animation Supervisor
Roy Nieterau

Danny Vos

Sander Bultman

Lighting, Rendering, Compositing
Tom Hankins

Richard Maegaki

Matte painter
Kolya Ponarin

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