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Create Position Reference Pass in VRay for Maya

Compositor and certified Nike Trainer, Erwan Leroy thinks some things in Vray are easy. Yet, some other things, might be a bit convoluted, and needs more of your attention. You can find plenty of tutorials that cover creating custom render passes in VRay. There aren’t a lot of tutorials that cover creating a (Pref) position reference

True Quaternion Twisting Without Flipping in Maya

Simple and effective Quaternion rotations? Could it be true? Rigging a character is dependent somewhat on creating proper twist motion. A character’s arm or leg needs to move in a variety of ways, and twisting is an important one. What is surprising is that there isn’t a general solution in 3D applications, such as Maya.

Creating Red Blood Cell Animation With MASH

Maya’s Motion Graphics Toolkit, MASH can be a great way to create bio and medial animation. MASH offers simplicity in replicating objects, but it is also great at procedural animation. Medical Illustrator and Animator, Emily McDougall walks us through animating a biological system. Using MASH, it is easy to set up a scene with red blood