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Watch Some of the Maya Graph Editor improvements

Autodesk’s Steven Roselle shares a look into some of the improvements made in the Maya graph editor in version 2017. In my mind UX weighs more heavily than UI, and I do love power and speed. I would rather an application look like crap and perform amazingly well than have pretty buttons. This is why

Maya Render Nodes With Arnold for Easy Center-Edge Shaders

Medical Illustrator and Animator, Emily McDougall offers a look into creating the center-edge look in Maya using Arnold. Solid Angle Arnold in Maya is really a step-up from an aging mental ray. Artists can enjoy a better integrated renderer, one that is more streamlined, and works with most native maya nodes and features. There are

3 Methods for Lighting an Exterior Scene With Arnold

A little while ago I posted a tutorial from Yone Santana who walks us through creating lighting for an interior scene with Solid Angle’s Arnold. A new tutorial from Yone is the antithesis with a look at lighting an exterior or outdoor scene. What’s the difference between rendering an indoor scene versus an outdoor scene?