RenderReady Al Heck is back doing a Cinema 4D and After Effects tutorial where he creates a sweet looking diamond complete with caustics, prism shift effects, and of course the modeling as well.

Tutorial 6 – Diamonds from Al Heck on Vimeo.

“Put together this quick-er tutorial on how to make a diamond. It goes over the way I would model one, then a little info about caustics, and finally how to get that prism effect. Also, C4D and AE are put into one file. P.S. – this is a quick render. If you really want to do a high detail rendering, you want to turn on anti-aliasing to best rather than geometry. But that will also increase your render times and I am not known for my patience. Enjoy!”

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  1. viktor van mirr

    hello, Al. thank you for the awesome tut. i did everything in your tutorial and im making my girlfriend some diamonds for her diamond store’s logo. my only problem is that the caustics option is missing on my effects panel. what should i do? thanks mate.

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