unity updates to 3.2 adds blazing speed & stunning effects

Unity Technologies recently updated the Unity 3D engine to version 3.2 which includes some impressive new features including an all new water prefab in standard assets that includes waves that can automatically generate foam on shorelines, plus a ton more. For more information on what is new, check the Unity 3.2 page.

Standard Assets Pro Water from Unity3D on Vimeo.

Major Features

  • Image Effects: New Depth of Field with bokeh, improved bloom and several other image effect tweaks and fixes.
  • New Water: All new Water prefab in standard assets that includes waves, automatically generated foam on shorelines and more.
  • Graphics: Major performance improvements in OpenGL ES 2.0 (iOS/Android).
  • Shaders: Added optimized/simplified versions of some shaders under “Mobile” category (VertexLit, Bumped Specular, Skybox). They work on other platforms as well, but mobiles will see biggest gains.
  • Shaders: Mobile-Optimized Bumped Specular shader is 5.2x faster than Bumped Specular in 3.1 (on iOS)
  • Shaders: Added several Unlit shaders that just display a texture with no lighting. They are the fastest textured shaders.
  • Debugger: Attaching the script debugger to (and detaching from) Unity and debugging-enabled players is now possible.
  • Profiler: you can profile standalone player builds from the Editor. This includes iOS and Android builds!
  • Caching: the caching feature is now usable by all content, with or without a special license. Unlicensed content will share a single 50 MB Cache folder.