The Pixel Lab with a time saving texture tip for cinema 4D demonstrating a way to select all objects in a scene hierarchy using the same texture.

Joren also notes an update: “An even faster way was shown to me by Dave Davidson over at He mentioned that you can take the texture you want to use and then in the materials window simply hold Alt and click and drag that texture onto the one you want to replace and it will delete that texture and replace it with the other one. Really cool tip, thanks Dave.”

In this quick tip I’ll show you a way to select all the items in your hierarchy using the same texture, and also a way to replace that texture with a brand new one. It’s a workflow tip that will save you tons of time! If you want more free training and resources check out my site at

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  1. manu

    Thank you so much, you just saved me from selecting like 1000 objects ^^

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