In anticipation of Siggraph 2011 and a recent post on the MAXedOut blog over at Autodesk’s Area, Ken Pimentel Director of Visual Communication Solutions within Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment division teases an After Effects screen shot suggesting some sort of Link between {hopefully} any Autodesk Media & Entertainment 3D application and After Effects, more likely however, just MAX.

Ken Pimentel notes: “The following is a screen image of Adobe’s After Effects showing a test project opened up in AE. I’ll leave it up to you to discover “what’s new”. You’ll get the fancy marketing images and videos next week…”

taken from the Ken Pimentel’s posting: “If you use After Effects, watch our SIGGRAPH AREA feed next week”

“You asked for it and we listened. We did a Community Survey last year that over 1,500 of you gave us direction on a range of things. One of the things you told us was that we neeeded to do more on interop with Adobe tools – specifically After Effects and Photoshop. This feedback was also reflected in the Uservoice voting. On August 9th, we’ll be making some announcements at SIGGRAPH and showing some workflow that significantly changes the game if you’re using After Effects. The best thing to do is to watch the AREA as we’ll be demoing the new workflow live from SIGGRAPH Vancouver. I believe we’ll publsh the timing of the demos so you can schedule your time appropriately.