Jonas Avrin posts a Sunday Pipeline Warehouse of public domain V-Ray Shaders for Maya (the ones from  Oliver Markowski, creator of Full Blown Images) and has cleaned them up a bit, organized them, and Created a Sunday Pipeline Warehouse for them. Check out the V-Ray Shader Library for Maya Sunday Pipeline.

From Jonas’ post on the matter: “I took the VRay shader library from what Oliver Markowski, creator of Full Blown Images, compiled and married it with the shader warehouse resources provided by Sunday Pipeline, took out this and that, renamed, dusted off, and reorganized everything. All assets were renamed according to strict naming convention to minimize confusion and to facilitate faster searching. All this on my free time, which I’ve had quite a lot the past few days. Well, go ahead and grab it because it’s quite a library to have in your arsenal. It’s all free to use.”

If you haven’t seen or heard all the buzz behind Sunday Pipeline, well… you should check it out, it is awesome so far even in its public beta stage.

Here is a little orientation video showing Sunday Pipeline setup and usage, Install and Warehouse Usage of Sunday Pipeline (Maya) Public Edition to check out if you are unfamiliar.

Sunday Pipeline is tightly integrated into Maya and the workflow at Sunday, it overwrites and adds a lot of stuff that other studios or individuals would not agree on. So the public edition only contains, for now, separate tools that should be production proven (I hope). As things progress in the in-house version some tools and features will spill off unto the public version at the pace I and Sunday feel is right. The in-house version also contains 3. party scripts and plugins that has been modified, but can’t be released without the original authors approval.