Leonardo Covarrubias inspired from seeing the RetopoG set out to create his own Basic Retopology Tool for Maya, and this was the birth of lcRetopoBasic for Maya. lcRetopoBasic for Maya makes use of Maya Live Surface features to draw new topology on a model and is written in PyMel. Check out the lcRetopoBasic for Maya post and lcRetopoBasic for Maya download here.

Leonardo Covarrubias writes: “I was inspired after seeing RetopoG, but since it is not currently available I decided to make my own tool for Maya. This tool will let you use Maya’s makeLive features to easily draw new topology on a mesh. The tool is designed to be very simple and rely heavily on Maya’s built-in modeling tools. This is written in pyMel, which only comes pre-installed on Maya 2011 and later. This is a very early beta-like version, I’ve only just begun to test this in the last few days but it seems workable. I don’t have any plans to include a full custom toolset like RetopoG, you will mostly have to use Maya’s tools.”