Quad Remesher, a New Auto Retopo Tool for Maya Look Impressive

Exoside releases Quad Remesher for Maya, Max, and Modo.

With specific workflows, retopology becomes extremely important, yet it is pretty time consuming when you deal with a lot of objects in a scene. There are some retopology tools out there that help the process along. For instance, if you work with Maya, you can use Quad Draw, or Maya’s polyRemesh and polyRetopo commands. Now there is a new tool designed for Max, Maya and Modo that offers clean quad meshes at the click of a button. Exoside’s Quad Remesher is an automatic remeshing tool available for most any DCC including Modo and with Blender and Houdini plugins on the way.

When you look up information on Quad Remesher, you won’t find a lot, as documentation for the plugins is still in early stages. What you will find, however, is a lot of examples that show off the beauty of Quad Remesher’s algorithm. You have to see it in action. The Maya examples show retopo of boolean objects, scans, and type… my goodness the type.

Exoside offers flexible pricing for the plugins, with just $59.90 for an Indie license, $109.90 Pro license or even a three-month subscription for $15.99 (reduced to $9.99 as an introductory offer) – Visit Exoside for more information on Quad Remesher here.