The CGI Trainer with a look at using Blender to retopologize a high polygon mesh and turn it into a usable low polygon object ready for rigging and animation.

The CGI Trainer notes on his tutorial: “this is a complete tutorial on how we can efficiently re-topologize a high-poly,sculpted mesh of a creature (the Komodo Dragon) and turn this into a usable low-poly mesh,ready for animation or use in games,using Blender’s Retopo tools.

You will learn :
-How to efficiently prepare the high poly mesh
-How to set up additional modifiers (such as Shrinkwarp modifirer) and features that will help you making the re-topologizing procedure a whole lot easier.

Trance music theme : “Trance Dream” , courtesy of Stefano Mocini

WARNING! ERRATA : At 11:18 you’ll see a “call out” with a circle and ana arrow pointing at a “5-pole”.Due to a mistake,probably while converting the video,though, this “call out” is misplaced somewhat…so,please,search for the “5 pole” a little bit on the left? (just in the middle between the neck and the eye.Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,Peter Drakulic”