Andrew Devis with the first of a three part tutorial showing how to use Mocha AE in After Effects to quickly rotoscope items in the scene. Check out the tutorial for Using Mocha AE for Rotoscoping in After Effects here. Mocha is such a great piece of software if you use Mocha AE and do a lot of visual effects type os stuff, you might consider switching to Mocha Pro, it is absolutely amazing in its workflow and will save you TONS of time.

From tutorial description: “In this first of 3 tutorials on Rotoscoping with Mocha for AE, Andrew Devis introduces the tools needed to work quickly and efficiently in Mocha to create shapes and output those shapes to AE. Andrew also discusses when and why at certain points it may be better to use masks in AE rather than shapes from Mocha. This is an introductory tutorial aimed at showing the basic functions of Mocha so that you can have more confidence when using this excellent product. In the second tutorial Andrew will go on to show how to do tracking in Mocha for AE and some of the issues that may arise with that. In the last tutorial Andrew goes on to show how to create the final shapes layers that represent the areas to be rotoscoped and then shows how to link and adjust those tracks and output the final shapes to After Effects.”