Zakaria Amin demonstrates using the donation-ware Thrausi plugin for Cinema 4D which will allow you to shatter objects in Cinema 4D. Check out the tutorial for Dynamically Breaking Walls in Cinema 4D here.

Thrausi is a free Fracture Script for Cinema 4D from Lazaros based upon X-Breaker fracturing script, the Features of Thrausi include:

  • Fracturing in a voronoi pattern (still in beta stage)
  • Using Splines to control the cuts
  • Cut command to use polygonal objects to make cuts (parametric as well)
  • Baking of MoDynamics into keyframes,,,and more
  • Work With Cinema4D 11.5,R12 And Need MoGraph 2.0

Zakaria Amin on his tutorial: “It is about breaking stuffs using a plug-in called Thrausi … This tutorial is real simple and awesome. If you understand how it’s work you will be able to create a awesome video…”

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