Mathias Möhl from MamoWorld has release his iExpressions tool for creating expressions in After Effects without reading or writing a single line of code. iEpressions will prove to be a really useful tool within After Effects and not only because of its ability to simplify expressions, but also it’s ability to redefine common tasks with the help of the library. Check out Mamoworld for more information on iExpressions here.

Mathias Möhl notes on the subject: “It starts with the bread and butter stuff you will need every day: Wiggle properties or connect them via links in various ways. Do you sometimes use parenting? Think of linking iExpressions as a much more flexible way to link stuff together. You can, for example, automatically increase the opacity of a layer when the opacity of the linked layer decreases. Or you can also link the x and y position of a layer to two different properties or use time delayed links to create trailing effects.”

Special Offer (only the first 14 days) Until Nov 13 the complete tool including over 60 iExpressions ships for an introductory price of 159.99$ (instead of 199.99$ regular price). This is less than 3$ per single iExpression. Therefore take advantage of this special offer and download the demo and buy a license at!

iExpressions allows you to use After Effects expressions without writing or reading a single line of code. It ships with over 60 iExpressions in six different categories – and each of them comes with an easy and intuitive to use interface. As its such a huge package, it is difficult to explain all its possibilities in a few lines.

This clip was created in After Effects using iExpressions from and FreeForm Pro

iExpressions allow you to use expressions in After Effects via intuitive user interfaces – no programming required.

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