Pratik Gulati with an overview and some insight into lighting and rendering an abandoned lobby scene in Maya Mental Ray including a walk through render settings, and lighting set ups for a realistic result. check out the Lighting & Rendering an Abandoned Lobby using Mental Ray & Maya tutorial here.

In this overview tutorial, author Pratik Gulati will give you valuable insight into Lighting and Rendering a scene in Maya using Mentalray. Using his “Abandoned Backyard Lobby” image as a basis, Pratik will discuss how he approached the Lighting setup and walk you through the render settings for achieving a very realistically lit interior scene with Mentalray.
Discover the secrets behind lighting and rendering scenes with Maya and Mental ray in this easy to follow, step by step walk through for a realistic output. Basic parts of the tutorial are Scene and Model layout, with the primary focus on Lighting and Rendering for a realistic\stylized result.