Eric Mootz updates emTools for Softimage to version 1.1 and shows an overview of the Compounds that are available for Softimage ICE. emTools are a collection of free tools available on Mootzoid, mainly ICE compounds including Quantize volumes, create liquid filaments as particles, melt particles, calculate the intersection volume of spheres, intersect two lines, rotate particles around their local axes, etc.

A walk through the compounds in emTools:

starting at 00:33 > “Center of Geometry”.
starting at 02:22 > “Fly towards Position”.
starting at 03:11 > “Intersection of two Lines”.
starting at 05:37 > “Linear Interpolate Trio”.
starting at 07:18 > “Liquid Filaments”.
starting at 11:01 > “Local Rotation”.
starting at 12:14 > “Melt Particles”.
starting at 14:32 > “boring compounds”.
starting at 15:08 > “Quantize Volume”.
starting at 20:34 > “bye bye”.