Matthew Murray with a quick post on Using Json To Store Node Information In Maya. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that is pretty easy for most people to read and write, and here Matthew is using JSON to store the attributes of selected nodes in maya as well as node names and a pose name that is associated with it. Check out the post for Using Json To Store Node Information In Maya here.

Matthew Murray writes: Recently I have been looking into ways to optimize a pose library that I made. The pose information was stored using XML. This worked great and was all dandy, but my implementation always seemed a bit clunky, having to open and close the file read write and change the information, mainly having to traverse a hierarchy then store it in as a list to make changes before re-writing the pose. I read that others have used JSON which had heard of many times and since pretty much every coding language out there has support for it, it must must be a win right?