The Chaos Group have announced the Beta Program for Phoenix FD, their solution for Fluid Dynamics which combines grid based simulations with high end rendering capabilities. The Phoenix FD for Maya Beta Program is open to users of V-Ray 2.1 or 2.2 for Maya, and owners of a chaos Group hardware license.

Check out the overview below showing the key features of Phoenix FD for Maya such as basic fire simulation, burning fuel and rendering flames, simulating liquids, foam & splashes, and shading foam & splashes. Also find out more about The Phoenix FD for Maya Beta Program here.

Phoenix Fluid Dynamics is the latest product released by Chaos Software. The software perfectly combines a grid based simulator with outstanding rendering capabilities. In addition to the usual uniform fluid behavior, Phoenix FD is capable of simulating a whole array of additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling and mass-temperature dependence.”

Phoenix FD for Maya Key Features

  • Ability to simulate smoke, fire, liquids, splashes, and foam
  • GPU accelerated preview allowing real-time control over shading
  • Adaptive grid to dynamically adjust the simulation grid size as needed
  • Flexible particle shader with different shading modes such as foam, splashes, and fog including control over advanced effects like scattering, reflection and refraction
  • GI, lighting, and motion blur with V-Ray
  • Support for all standard Maya fields dynamics