Nick Zuccarello takes a look at taking a character that was created in Maya and bringing that into the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) using an FBX export. In UDK Nick looks at basic navigation, lightmaps and UV setup, a breif introduction Lightmass, groups and the UDK Material Editor.

Check out the post for Nick Zuccarello’s overview tutorial Bringing Maya Characters into UDK over at his site here or watch the video on his Vimeo Page here.

Nick Zuccarello writes: We will take a look at pushing a character to UDK for the first time via FBX export.
We will also look at: Folder Structure, Basic Navigation, Lightmap 2nd UV Sets, Simple Collision Set Up, Lightmass Introduction, Groups, Material Editor Introduction, DX11 SSS Set Up, Fresnel Set Up