Ben Rollason has created a new script for After Effects called Illumination which assists in creating soft lighting effects for After Effects compositions. Illumination works on the old trick of creating an array of lights – each casting their own shadows, creating a soft shadow and lighting effect and Illumination automates and allows you to create and control the light arrays easily with a simple interface.

Check out the Illumination Script for After Effects by Ben Rollason over at AEScripts.

Illumination adds a new dimension of lighting control to After Effects. By automating the creation and control of banks of point lights, Illumination brings a new type of lighting to AE – the softbox. Soft lights mean soft shadows, making objects feel much more believable.

Ilumination’s softbox lights are centrally controllable from 3D layers – not only their positioning in space is controllable from the control layer, but also brightness, shadow darkness and shadow diffusion. What’s more, the lights take their color from the underlying layer, so you can create amazing gradient lighting, soft ambient shadows and daylight effects easily. You can also curve your light banks to wrap your lighting around a scene.