Julian Field provides a look in the the basics of what he describes as a highly versatile and powerful node in Cinema 4D’s Xpresso environment- the Range Mapper Node.

The Range Mapper Node will allow you to in essence “remap” values from one value to another and in this Xpresso tutorial installment, Julian looks at using the Range Mapper Node to move an object across the screen at half the speed of another.

Julian has been posting some great introductory tutorials for diving into Cinema 4D’s Xpresso, and if you have missed some, you should defiantly check out his site ExpressoMechanic here.

Julian Field writes on his tutorial: In this tutorial, I offer basic insight into this highly versatile and powerful node, by using it to make one object move across the viewport at half the speed of another. I then take things a little further, by restricting the object’s movement to within a set range.