Mamo World’s Mathias Möhl has a new tutorial showing how to create a video screen that follows something in live action footage, and in this case, it is the fingers.

The “Finger Screen” is created by tracking the finger’s positions using mochaAE for the tracking, and MamoWorld’s MochaImport+. MochaImport+ will send clips and masks from After Effects to Mocha, corner pin, move layers, stabilized precomps and advanced stabilizations.

In this new tutorial we create an effect that is currently quite popular: We create a futuristic, semi-transparent screen that is attached to a persons fingers.

At this point you might be staring at an After Effects CS6 intro screen and thinking… “well I have After Effects CS6 which has introduced better integration with mochaAE, so why would I need to use MochaImport+ at all?”, and in fact that is a great question. In answer, MamoWorld has a little post describing the features you will have in After Effects CS6 that center around mocha integration, and compares it to his MochaImport+ and there are a plenty of green checkmarks in the MochaImport+ column.

Mathias also uses Red Giant Warp’s Corner Pin plugin (Red Giant Warp is a suite of six plugins including plugins for shadows, reflections, glows and corner point warps) as it has some more advanced options than are currently available in After Effects such as the ability to motion blur.