Marco Giordano continues his look at rigging simple assets and props in Maya with this look at how to rig a weightlifting barbell. As with the last tutorial form Marco, this one is really aimed at people who may be new to rigging concepts in Autodesk Maya or even useful to Animators who want to learn more about creating rigs for animation. Marco writes…

“this is the second video about rigging props , my animator friends started doing exercice about weights so I decided to help them and rig this simple props.”

I also have to mention once more that although the prop may appear to be a simple and straightforward task, there are some strong concepts that come through in planning for how the prop will be used in a scene with a character as the rigging may have more to do with just the props function. – an interesting reminder even if you are fairly familiar to the rigging process in Maya.

If you missed the last post for rigging props for animation in Maya, you can get caught up here with CREATING AN EFFECTIVE RIG FOR A BUCKET ASSET IN MAYA.