FermiCG returns with a look at using Maya Paint FX for motion graphics type of work. Sameer creates and animates a floral type of element in Maya using PaintFX strokes and even converts everything to render the final piece with Mental Ray. Check out the post and Tutorial for Creating Animated Motion Graphics Elements in Maya Using PaintFX here.

…In this tutorial I am showing a special use of Maya paint fx. This technique is very helpful for creating elements like floral designs, vector graphics, jewel elements, some thing like action essentials in After effects, abstract designs etc..

I must say that I fin this to be a really clever way to get motion graphic elements by using Paint FX to animate the element as if it were being created or drawn on. Sameer actually uses a graphic floral element as reference and creates curves based on that image, so it’s more than just creating and animating a randomly created paint FX stroke.

This tutorial is in two parts and is quite lengthy coming in at around an hour – I noticed that there are parts of part two that have the microphone cut out (I am sure that will be fixed soon) but you are still able to make out what is going on by watching.

Sameer notes that the two tutorials cover:

  • Adding image plane and adjusting
  • sketching the outline with curves
  • Different curve adjustment techniques
  • Adding paint effects to the curve
  • Tweaking the paint effects
  • Animating the paint effects
  • Converting the paint effects so that it can be rendered with Mental Ray
  • Adding materials and lights