You may remember Simon Russell as the fellow who created and shared PolyStepper – The Xpresso tool that will attach the points of any polygon selected in Cinema 4D randomly onto any MoGraph Cloner Object. Simon has returned with two new tools for Cinema 4D called Gridify and Spiralator.

…Gridify creates random 3D grid like structures and Spiralator adds spirals, sine waves or noise to a particles trajectory…

Gridify and Spiralator are two really cool Cinema 4D Thinking Particle Presets where Gridify will create a random 3D grid structure and Spiralator creates spirals, adds sine waves or noise to a particle trajectory. Check out and download the Cinema 4d Gridify and Spiralator presets here.

Simon has also create a short tutorial describing the use of both of these new presets, providing a walkthrough of the Gridify Preset, and good look at how the xpresso is set up and what it is doing. Simon also takes a short walkthrough of the Spiralator Preset, and takes a look at the Matrix Object, and the xpresso behind the preset.