Create an Automated Dynamic Grid Using Mograph and Xpresso

Fuchs & Vogel has a quick look at using a simple Xpresso setup that will easily create a dynamic 2D grid with the Morgraph Module in C4D.

a simple XPresso setup to create a two dimensional dynamic grid with a Mograph Cloner

Creating a 2D grid of objects is simple using mograph alone, but it could be a little more efficient. The problem is that you can easily change the spacing of the grid, but if the size of the object is changed, the grid no longer works.

This is where Fuchs & Vogel’s Xpresso set up comes in. All you have to do is drop your object into the cloner for a perfect dynamic grid. You can easily make changes with the User Data to the gap between your clones. If you change the clone count, the grid will automatically adjusted in length and width.

You can download the XPresso setup for the Dynamic Grid here: FuV Automatic Grid