A look at creating an interesting effect in Cinema 4D using the Metaballs in a unique way to create an animation of an amorphous blob that can break apart into smaller pieces and animate back together into the blob.

This is a new technique I discovered on accident while playing with Cinema 4D- I was messing with the displacer and meta balls and came up with this…

Charles from D2apDesigns takes a look at Using Displacer With Meta Balls, and shows the technique he used for creating the scene which he mentions that he came up with totally by accident. Charles also mentions that he didn’t use a cloner object for this effect, citing that his method is much simpler in the long run, and in fact that is the case as technically, all you really need to do is add a Displacer to the Metaball object and play around with the strength and height values.

Charles also shows how to add a bit more life to the animation by adding some hand animated metaball spheres to augment the final scene.