Although there are a few options, albeit aged and misunderstood at times, for snapping and aligning object together in Maya, they are far from completely functional, and there is no real reason why the majority of the align tools can’t be unified into one enterprise.

this is a python script to align objects inside maya like 3dsmax’s one with interactive feedback

Well, mohamed from FocusGfx has created his own Align Tool for Maya that is similar to the Align that you might find in 3ds Max, compact, interactive and functional.

Although Maya has a few options for Snap Aligning Objects, from point to point, right up to 3 points to 3 points, as well as an Align Objects command, in addition to an Interactive Align Tool, plus a Snap Together Tool… well you can see that all of these together pose a mash of options in a suite of tools that all essentially are meant to do more or less the same thing.

With this new Align Tool, which requires PyQt for Maya, can easily and interactively align an object’s XYZ position using a minimum, center, pivot or maximum control for either the current or target object.

You are also able, if you choose, to align orientation on the XYZ axis, and also match the scale of the object that you are aligning to.

Now you can have all your align functions and options all in one place, and have them work quickly, easily, and interactively. Check out the Align Tool Script for Maya here.