Following the announcement of Cinema 4D R14 EJ Hassenfratz has been experimenting with the demo version (which is available now) and has revisited one of his previous scenes to test the new Aerodynamics feature. Check out EJ’s post called New In Cinema 4D R14: Aerodynamics & Morph Camera here.

…With the new Aerodynamics function, Rigid and Softbody objects can now interact according to their aerodynamic shape with all of the particle modifiers such as Wind, Turbulence, and Gravity…

Cinema 4D R14 has included new Aerodynamic Forces in the studio and broadcast editions, allowing you to describe aerodynamic drag and lift on any dynamic object, including Soft Bodies to make paper, leaves or any object, making them behave realistically without too much effort.

By checking out the Aerodynamic settings to recreate balloons rising up and being blown around in the wind, EJ provides a pretty good overview of what is involved and what to expect when using the new Aerodynamics function. EJ Also takes a brief look at the new Morph Camera which allows you to quickly morph between camera positions and create dynamic camera animations much easier.