Jorrit Schulte shows how to create a realistic hand writing effect in After Effects using Time Remapping and Expressions that is similar to the After Effects “write-On” effect.

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at using Time Remap to create a procedural animation based on the direction of a path. The goal is to make a Write-on animation look more natural by having the wrist angle change to mimic movements of real writing instead of it being completely static

Jorrit shows how to control an image of a hand holding a pen with some expressions and time remapping that will alter the wrist angle to give a more natural feel to the writing animation. Check out the tutorial for Creating A Realistic Handwritten Write-on Effect Using Expressions in After Effects here.

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  1. Good tutorial, but can this be applied to an actual drawing. I can only capture one line with the motion sketch, but it’s not accurate since I can’t see my original drawing that I’m trying to trace over. Help.

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