Exocortex’s Ben Houston walks through the some of the features for Fury 2, Exocortex’s production grade GPU-accelerated particle renderer for both Maya and Softimage.

In this video, Ben Houston of Exocortex walks through the basics of Fury 2 for Softimage using a simple point cloud

Here, Ben shows Exocortex Fury 2‘s capabilities on point scaling, dealing with background color, diffuse and emissive shading, motion blur and depth of field, multisampling and also point replication which is Fury 2’s feature for dealing with high density particle rendering. Point Replication in Fury 2 will allow you to organically multiply small clouds of particles at render time to simulate hugely large masses of particles.

Exocortex Fury 2 is specifically designed to chew through rendering millions of particles with effects such as motion blur, depth of field and emission and diffuse effects by utilizing processors on graphic cards that support OpenGL, and works with with NVIDIA GeForce GTX series, modern NVIDIA Quadro cards and AMD Radeon HD 4, 5, 6 and 7 series.