Shane Benson continues his series for Subdivision modeling in Cinema 4D with a look at the importance of understanding Quadrangles (quads), triangles and n-side or multi side faces that may contain more than four sides, edges or vertices.

2nd part of the series. Quads, triangles, and artifacts when using uneven sided faces

Shane describes why triangles may be a bad thing when using Subdivision techniques for modeling and why n-sided faces may be just as bad, when you are not planning or are unable to do a algorithmic smooth on your model.

The first part of the Sub-D modeling series can be found here, working with HyperNURBS in Cinema 4D, which lays out some basic ideas for modeling with Subdivision surfaces in Cinema 4D, but also provides some great explanation to what NURBS are, as well as how HyperNURBS function in Cinema.

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