Michael Buettner shows off some of the newest features rolling out in his mbFeather Tools for Softimage, his complete feathering system for creating, styling simulating and animating feathers or any instanced object for that matter.

mbFeatherTools is a production proven plugin for Autodesk Softimage which features styling, animation and simulation of bird feathers. While the primary focus of this tool is indeed feathers, it is also beneficial for all kinds of tasks: Leafs on a tree, spines of a hedgehog or clammy fur, to name a few

bmFeather Tools 3 will provide more control over direction to assist in styling feathers on characters and also adds a new collision constraints you are able to apply during set up. You are now able to drive the feather type with the Type Envelope Mesh and filter feather types for easy exporting. mbFeather Tools is only €200 per license, with more information listed on the mbFeather Tools Site here.

New Features in mbFeather Tools 3.0:

  • Direction Controls – Perfect styling within seconds.
  • Collision Constraint during setup
  • Drive the feather type with the Type Envelope Mesh
  • Filter the feather type for easy exporting
  • “Use Live Feather Controls” option allows baking the standard styling