Angel Negron shares his techniques for creating animations using Gustavo Eggert Boehs’s Motion Tools for Softimage demonstrating how he created a motion graphics like sphere animation.

If you are in anyway familiar with Cinema 4D, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you are familiar with Softimage, Motion Tools will save you some time and allow you to do some pretty creative things quite easily.

this is a tutorial in responce to an animation i created using motion tools addon for softimage

Motion Tools is Gustavo Eggert Boehs’s collection of tools (ICE compounds) that are geared towards creating motion graphics style work in Softimage. Motion Tools workflow is centered towards creating simulations and procedural animation for multiple objects simultaneously and eases this type of Cinema 4D “MoGraph” style setup and makes it rather simple in Softimage.

The Tools are based on Standard Softimage ICE Nodes so files will be portable to any system running Soft, and this also makes it easy to add to, edit, or create custom effects in the ICE tree. You are able to find the Motion Tools Softimage Package on Gustavo Eggert Boehs’s site freely, for Softimage 2012, and 2013.