The Chaos Group has officially taken Phoenix FD for Maya out of beta and into a release. Phoenix FD represents the Chaos Group’s Fluid Dynamics solution which combines grid based simulations with high end rendering capabilities.

Phoenix FD™ is a hybrid simulation system including grids and particles, enabling you to get the best of both worlds

Phoenix FD has the ability to generate and simulate any fluid effect such as smoke, fire, liquids, splashes and even foam, and all are available through GPU accelerated previews. The one thing that struck me is that the Chaos group has created a simplified and streamlined workflow for Phoenix FD, much the same way they have done for V-Ray, which is a refreshing change for anyone that has used other simulation packages without a slide-rule handy. For more information on Phoenix FD for Maya, check out the press release and product page here.

The official suggested end user price of a single new license of Phoenix FD is: 960 USD/ 700 EUR/ 600 GBP, and it is important to note that Phoenix FD requires a V-Ray 2.0 for Maya license, which is used during the simulation process. Currently Phoenix FD runs under Maya 64 bit versions, 2010 and up, and requires Windows or Linus at the moment.