Brian Freisinger posts a little tutorial describing how to create an xyzWPP pass in Maya when rendering with V-Ray for Maya. The XYZ World Point Position Pass can be a useful tech pass when compositing, of which its most common use would be a relgihting scenario in NUKE or in After Effects using BlurryPixel’s Pixel Cloud plugin.

A common request I get from compositors, is for an XYZ WPP pass in addition to my standard passes. The XYZ or World Point Position pass can be used in multiple ways, from doing some re-lighting in Nuke, to creating atmosphere (ground fog) and a variety of other uses

The vrayRE_extra_tex is kind of a great catch-all utility for V-Ray, providing the facility to create a number of useful passes easily, not just world point position. Brian notes that using the vrayRE_extra_tex for an XYZWPP pass might be a little more work than say setting up an Ambient Occlusion Pass, but it is not really any more difficult. Brian walks through the process in his post, so be sure to check out the tutorial for Creating an XYZ World Point Position Pass for V-Ray Maya here.

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