Autodesk’s Duncan Brinsmead posts a quick look at how to use Maya’s nParticle and nConstraint systems to create a jello like dynamic object that can be cut and sliced with breakable bonds.

One can use nParticles to create a jiggling Jello substance that can be sliced using an nConstraint with breakable bonds. The workflow is relatively quick and easy.

The workflow for creating a jello dynamic effect is relatively simple in Maya, by creating a polygonal mold that is used to fill with an nParticle system and setting up an nConstraint for the object that will be used to cut the jello substance, and tweaking a few values before caching out the simulation.

Converting the final result to a mesh will allow you to easily add a shader to the jello shape for render. Check out the post for How to Create a Jello Like Dynamic Object With Breakable Bonds here.


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