Mathieson Facer takes a look at an issue with using Wrap Deforms both in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max. Mathieson noticed the problem when scaling the rigs that contain wraps to scale uniformly where the wrap deformer does not scale correctly.

Wraps in both 3DS Max and Maya suffer from limitations when it comes to scaling. Both have issues scaling in terms of thickness because the polygons they are wrapped to do not have any thickness. This video explains how to get wraps scaling properly in both applications

Here, Mathieson explains a bit of what is going on with the scale issue, and how to get the Wrap Deformers scaling properly in both Maya and 3ds Max. This provides a look at a straight forward and less complicated solution for being able to get rigs to scale that have wrap deformers in them, with a much more simple solution that what is available around the net so far.