Douwe walks through creating a sequential time offset for animated textures in cinema 4D by way of the Mograph Multishader using a Formula Effector that provides some precise control over the motion.

using MoGraph’s internal Color system for Time Offsetting animated Textures in a MultiShader

Douwe makes some points on his tutorial noting that as soon as you introduce “t” to a formula you are using “time” which will have a Value of 1 second by default. You are able to play with the “t-Project Time Slider” to speed up or slow down the motion.

The id stands for a clone’s index number. Black has a value of 0 and White has a value of 1 . 0 and 1 also stand for 0% and 100%. You can use the rest of the MoGraph system to manipulate these values. The Formula Effector allows for some very precise control if you’re familiar with the Mathematical Operators. There’s probably a lot more ways to set up this functionality. Wanna have a go ? You can find all available Operators in the Appendix Section of C4D’s Help.