David Schoneveld was kind enough to email me and ask what I was considering for a UV mapping tool for the current project that I am on, and when I mentioned that I haven’t given it much thought other than I didn’t want to do it in Maya at all, David mentioned how much he likes 3DCoat. Check out David’s post showing how 3DCoat can be used as a UV Tool here.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on why 3D Coat has one of the best UV Mapping tools out there. Far and away better than anything in Maya or any scripts that help Maya be OK at UV mapping

Here, David shows off the UV room in 3DCoat using it as a UV Mapping Tool for a model that he created in Maya. 3DCoat actually uses live UV previews when you are unwrapping a model, showing how the UV shell will look and where the seems will be on an unfolded preview as you work. I love small developers like Pilgway, and I love the idea of 3DCoat, and I will definitely be looking into this for my UV work – Thanks so much David!