Jennifer Conley adds an IKFK Switch toolset to her RigBox Reborn Suite of scripts for rigging in Maya. This latest addition will allow you to quickly set up IK and FK systems based on a preset control structure in Maya.

A script to quickly set up ik and fk systems inside of Maya, based on a pre-established control structure

RigBox Reborn is a modular toolset for rigging in Maya which innitially were Jennifer’s personal tools for her own workflow, and since then she has created each in such a way that they are all part of a larger rigging suite, however, all of the tools work individually. So you are able to pick and choose the sections of RigBox reborn that you find useful and use those, or alternatively, use the whole Rigbox Reborn tool. Check out the RigBox Reborn IkFk Switch here.

To date, Jennifer has developed eight tools to date for RigBox Reborn for Maya including RigBox_Reborn – Curves ToolRigBox_Reborn – General ToolRigBox_Reborn – Hip AveragingRigBox_Reborn – IkFk SwitchRigBox_Reborn – Mesh ToolRigBox_Reborn – Rigging ToolRigBox_Reborn – Rigging Tool and the RigBox_Reborn – Rigging Tool


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