Tools4D’s Paul Everett takes a look and demonstrates how to use his newly released and freely available Adaptive Subdivider Plugin for Cinema 4D.

This shows the free Adaptive Subdivider modifier plugin for cinema4D r12 or greater, which subdivides any geometry inside the view frustrum

The Adaptive Subdivider Plugin is a convenient method to speed up renders in Cinema 4D by dynamically and actively changing the subdivisions of objects in Cinema based on the camera’s distance or frustrum.

The Adaptive Subdivider is a modifier that gets placed as the child of polygon based objects, and will allow you to set the maximum distance for the effect, also allowing you to set subdivisions at render time. Check out the freely available Adaptive Subdivider Plugin for Cinema4D here.

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  1. Hi Paul,
    I’ve been looking for something like that for a LONG time. THANK YOU. Realwave used to have the hypemesh which was doing exactly that but it’s not there anymore.
    I deal with large ocean surfaces and displacement is always a challenge with large areas. I wonder how difficult would be to have an additional option apart from the camera to subdivide a certain area around an object sort of a ‘proximal’ method. When I do the waves generated around the bow and sides of a ship, it would be great to have this option so that the rest of the ocean remains with low poly count. I would happily compensate you for your time. Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks again.
    Juan Carreras

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