There is no question to the usefulness of render time ssubdivision & displacement. The question comes about when and how to implement subdivision and displacement in your work with your current renderer.

If you are using Arnold in C4D, and want to learn more about the topic, Mograph Plus’ Kamel Khezri is here to help.  Kamel shares a look into the relationships between subdivision and displacement mapping in C4DtoA.

Kamel often posts about working with different render engines in Cinema 4D, showing some great tips for V-Ray, Arnold and Maxwell Renderer.

This comes to us as a part of the “Comprehensive introduction to ARNOLD for Cinema 4D” course, which offers an in depth look at getting acquainted  with using Arnold in Cinema 4D. The course amounts to over 8 hours of content. More information on the Comprehensive introduction to ARNOLD for Cinema 4D can be found on Mograph Plus.

Mograph Plus always injects interesting topics that can relate back to techniques that you can use in your own work. His last look was at Getting the Most Out of The Arnold Hair Shader in C4D, showing how you can create subsurface scattering and hair shaders for the most real looking hair possible.